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Maintenance & Repair – All lock types covered

We service, maintain and repair all types of lock whether new or old, manual or digital. Keeping up regular maintenance, especially on external locks and digital locking systems will save you a whole lot of hassle and will avoid the expense of an emergency call out. We offer this service to both domestic and commercial residents of Durban and currently provide contract services to many businesses and property landlords. For a free quotation or to set up a regular service plan, give one of our experts a call today on 031 100 1918

Lock Maintenance

Lock Maintenance DurbanRegular maintenance of your locks, especially those which are exposed to the elements is necessary to avoid you becoming stuck at a later time. For a fraction of the cost of an emergency call out, we can arrange to regularly service your locks to avoid future problems with them seizing or your keys breaking off inside the mechanisms.

We will service any type of lock whether interior or exterior, new or old and will also cover safes and car locking systems as well. If you have digital locks, we can arrange to test these on a regular basis and replace batteries in transponders and remotes to avoid you running into issues later down the line.

Old locks, especially those that are exterior based can become rusted over time and those that aren’t regularly used can become seized. With a few simple steps, we can ensure that you won’t run into issues by lubricating these mechanisms on a regular basis. Not only will your locks last longer but you will also eliminate the risk of the keys become stuck or the key breaking off in the lock – avoid unnecessary expense by having your locks attended to periodically.

Lock Repair

Lock Repair DurbanIn some cases, locks can be repaired to avoid the expense of having a new one installed. Sometimes a broken locking mechanism is just a simple case of the lock becoming seized over time and a few simple steps will have it working like new in no time. This applies to all types of locks on windows, doors, gates and safes.

Digital Locks Durban Digital locking systems can sometimes malfunction and the expense of replacing them can be extensive. Digital locks used on gates, hotel doors and the entrances into buildings and apartment blocks can be repaired. Batteries often run out of steam if the locks are in daily use and sometimes the internal components can malfunction. Our locksmith carries all the necessary tools and spare parts to tackle these jobs while you wait providing a cost effective solutions to the issue. Call now to talk with the specialist on 031 100 1918

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