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For all your Lock & Key Issues in Durban

For any lock and key related issues, we are here to help and if your situation requires an immediate response, we are available 24 hours a day. From problematic and faulty locks to lost keys, gate locks, garage doors, windows and doors, we have the expert knowledge to provide a cost effective and speedy solution to whatever your requirements might be. Just give us a call and talk to one of our local experts for an honest, cost effective quotation.

Doors & Windows

Door Locks Durban If access is required to window or door locks, we can help. Our team are familiar with all major types of lock and key, new or old and are fully trained in the art of locksmithing, lock picking and lock maintenance. We will, where possible be able to reuse your original locks and will tackle the job with due car and attention to avoid unnecessary damage and to keep your cost low!

Are your door and window locks in need of an upgrade or service? Prevention is certainly better than the cure! If you are having issues with old locking mechanisms, sticking locks or locks that have seized, it’s a good idea to have them serviced. Our locksmith can visit your premises to provide this service and at the same time can offer expert advice on replacement locks and security upgrades. We are familiar with all types of lock and every type of key and having been in the business for over 20 years, we certain to be able to deal with your issues promptly and professionally and without breaking the bank! Avoid running into future problems by keeping your door and window locks up to scratch!

Exterior Locks, Gates & Garages

Gate Locks Durban Harsh weather and prolonged exposure to the elements often means that at some point, your garage or exterior gate locks may be in need of some attention or become seized with age and rust. We are familiar with exterior locking systems which include automatic gates and entry systems that require a digital code. If you have lost or forgotten the code to a digital lock or if you have lost the main key and need a replacement, we have it covered. Of course, any work we do can be carried out while you wait which includes the cutting and duplicating of keys for your new locks. Call our team today and discuss your requirements and we can happily put together a no obligation, free quotation for you.


Safe Cracking DurbanCan’t access your safe? No problem! We have an expert, fully qualified safe cracker in Durban that can attend to any issues relating to safes or vaults. Over the years we have worked with many of Durban’s leading financial institutions, casinos, supermarkets and local business and have provided services ranging from opening safes through to general maintenance and repair. If you have lost the master key for your safe, we can install a new one and cut the duplicate keys on site so you never lose sight of the key for one second. We can also gain entry to coded safes and reprogram and re-set these for you while you watch with your security and best interests at hand. If you find yourself saying “I can’t open my safe!” or if you need assistance of any kind, give our local safe expert a call today on 031 100 1918

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